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Below is a list of calculators with useful and unique features. Unless otherwise specified, these are Google docs spreadsheets that require you to make a copy before using. To make a copy, select “File” > “Make a Copy”. Then, select “Make a Copy”.

  • Atlas Earth Calculator – Created by “AE player for all AE players to enjoy”. It’s also a web application! Unique features include a “buy badge/parcel?” indicator, portfolio value (how much $$$ your parcels are worth, if you bought $100 AB packs), diamond days of spins, and a few tips on diamond collecting and ads not loading. There is a separate calculator for minigame events such as racer and fishing that will tell you the number of wins you will receive based on an AB limit and win %. It even contains a dark mode for a cool, neon color effect. Also contains breakeven points between tiers and expanded for other countries outside USA.