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Below is a list of calculators with useful and unique features. Unless otherwise specified, these are Google docs spreadsheets that require you to make a copy before using. To make a copy, select “File” > “Make a Copy”. Then, select “Make a Copy”.

  • Atlas Earth Calculator – Created by “AE player for all AE players to enjoy”. It’s also a web application! Unique features include a “buy badge/parcel?” indicator, portfolio value (how much $$$ your parcels are worth, if you bought $100 AB packs), diamond days of spins, and a few tips on diamond collecting and ads not loading. There is a separate calculator for minigame events such as racer and fishing that will tell you the number of wins you will receive based on an AB limit and win %. It even contains a dark mode for a cool, neon color effect.
  • Rent Calculator – Created by Reddit user Koitenshin. Input your parcels, number of badges, event length (in hours), and desired profit. Also contains tabs that provide 150 club data, diamond wheel odds and Koitenshin’s spin stats, top player distributions, and Koitenshin’s parcel layout.
  • Parcel Selling Simulator – Created by me! I’ve had some help with Reddit user SecretAcanthaceae609 updating it. This calculator is specifically designed to show how much money is gained/lost by selling parcels at various price points and replacing them with average parcels. However, it also tells you breakeven points on moving down the booster chart based on inputs for Super Rent Boost and hours boosted.